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Day Visitors

Guests who desire to spend the day with their families and friends at Sankofa Beach House are welcome!

CONTACT US at least one day prior to your arrival to reserve your spot to ensure there are no special events or circumstances which will prevent you from enjoying your visit! All reservations require a non-refundable deposit which can be pre-paid via any of our accepted payment methods. All reservations will be held until 12pm unless you had previously communicated a later arrival. The prior communication assists us to reserve special seating for your group and for you to place a food order. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food and beverage. Learn more about the amenities we offer and use our gallery to see what a Sankofa Beach House offers!

Pricing is described below and applies to anyone over the age of 3

Order from Us

Sankofa Beach House can provide your party with food and drink, Review our menu and let us know in advance what items are calling your name!

Entrance Fee: GH¢ 20

Bring Your Own

If you already have that something special packed, feel free to bring it!

(Note: If one person brings their own food, then the entire group will be charged the below rate)

Entrance Fee

Gh¢ 100 (pre-paid reservation)

Gh¢ 150 (no reservation)

Main house kitchen can be reserved $50 per day to help with any finishing touches your meal might need!

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