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Book a massage with Ma'ati Spa to add an extra element of luxury and relaxation to your Sankofa Beach House visit!

To book schedule contact Ma'ati Spa:

US: +1 (336) 903 5703

GH: +233 (55) 766 6460

Please see the available services and rates below!

Relaxation Massage.png

Relaxation Massage

Gh₵660/ $50

Thai Style Massage.png

Thai Style Massage

Gh₵1,050/ $80


 Moonlight Beach Massage

Gh₵660/ $50

Deep Tissue.png

Deep Tissue Massage

Gh₵920/ $70

Group Spa 3.png

Group Spa Party

Gh₵728/ $55 pp

Couples Massage.png

Couples Massage

Gh₵1,250/ $95


Prenatal  Massage

Gh₵660/ $50

Sports Massage.png

Sports Massage

Gh₵920/ $70

Beach Side.png

Beach Side Massage

Gh₵660/ $50

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